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Cover Letters
You should send in a cover letter along with your résumé and job application when applying for a job. A cover letter is a brief letter on why you should be hired and should show your passion for the business. It should make the business want you hire you. We have some terrific tips for how to write a wonderful cover letter.

A good cover letter has these essential elements. The first one is to personalize the letter to the hiring manager. If you know the name of your hiring manager, use their name in the cover letter when addressing them. Next, your letter should have an introduction. Here you could explain the job you are interested in and how you found it. Also describe yourself, i. e. your major, your current job etc. Another item to include in your introduction is why you are qualified for the job you are applying for. Second, your cover letter should include a body section. This section should be one to three paragraphs long. In this section, you should explain why you are interested in the job, point out key achievements or qualifications, and explain why you are qualified for the position. You might also point out the résumé enclosed along with your letter. And finally, a great cover letter has a conclusion. In the closing of your cover letter, you should perhaps explain your interest in an interview, repeat any contact information, and maybe leave off on a question that might make the business want to respond to you.

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