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Job Applications
An important part of applying for a job is the actual job application. One is usually sent in along with your cover letter and résumé. The application has some of the same fields as the other documents.

Every job application is different, however, some sections are on most application. The first section is a general information section. All applications have some form of general information section that includes areas for your name, address, contact information and possibly a social security number. Next is a job type section. This section is about telling the hiring manager when you are available to work. For example, it might have questions asking what days you can work, what type of job you are looking for, and if you are available to work nights if the business has a night shift. Another section is an additional information section. Here they might ask legal questions such as citizenship and criminal charges. Next, most applications have an education/military section. You should list your high school and any colleges you have attended. If there is a military section, fill it out accordingly. Additionally, a work experience section is standard on most applications. Just like on the résumé, fill out any previous jobs you have had. To close, there is a reference section. The business might want to learn more about your work ethic and how well you can compete tasks. You should put a few people down such as teachers or old bosses that will give you a good recommendation. Click here for what a sample job application might look like.

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