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A résumé is an important part of applying for a job. A résumé is a summary of your education, qualifications, and work experience. You usually send a résumé in when you are sending in your job application.

There are a few parts of a résumé. The first is a heading. In the heading, you should state your full name, mailing address, and other contact information. Second is the objective section where you should state what position you are applying for. It might also reflect your goals in 3-5 years. Make it specific to the job you are applying for. Next is the education section. In this section you should list your education from your high school to all colleges you have attended. Furthermore, there is an experience portion which is for listing any job experience you have. It is good to start from the most recent and move backwards from there. Additionally, there is a skills and abilities section where you should list your qualifications and talents. This will help the business dive into your aptitudes to expand on later. Finally, there are many other smaller sections for things like achievements or volunteer work. These sections don’t have to be on your résumé but depending on the job you are applying for it might be a considerable idea. A good résumé might look like this.

Also, we have some other general tips for your résumé:
Use strong action words.
Use a simple and clean format.
Be clear and concise.
Be a bit conservative.
Try to keep your résumé on one page.
Focus on readability.
Make sure to proofread your résumé

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