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Job Interviews
After sending in the appropriate documents the employer might have you come to the business for a job interview. During an interview, the business representative will ask you questions to determine if they would like to hire you. Now its time to prepare for the interview so you have a good chance to get hired.

The first step is to prepare all things you might need at your job interview. The first document you want to have copies of is your résumé. The interviewer might refer to your résumé so it’s a good idea to have a few on you. Also, the interviewer might have you be interviewed by more people so having more copies for them is nice. The next paper you should have is a few copies of your reference sheet. If they bring up anyone you put on the reference sheet during your interview, you have a copy as well. Yet again, if more people are in your job interview, you have more copies for them as well. Copies of letters of recommendations might be handy to have on you as well. These might be handy for the interviewer to review after the interview. Another set of documents that you should bring is a work portfolio. This would have examples of other projects you have completed so the interviewer can see your work. You might also want to bring a few documents for filling out the HR documents if you get an offer the day of the interview. These would include a driver’s license and a social security card. Also bring copies of contact information. It would be a smart idea to bring a notepad and pens to take notes during the interview. One final thing you should bring are notes you have prepared before the interview. These notes should be answers to frequently asked questions at a job interview, the answers to how you will meet the employer’s needs, and perhaps some of your own questions you want to ask at your interview.

On the day of your job interview, you want to present yourself professionally. You want to impress the interviewer with how professional you are. Here are a few examples from Forbes on how to present yourself.

Here are a few more tips for you to follow:
Be genuine.
Arrive early to your interview.
Research the business and the interviewer.
Introduce yourself professionally.
Be happy!
Always send a thank you after your interview.

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